“Who Is Alvin Greene?”

Hello and welcome to my willmoredock.com website. After several dormant years, I have decided to re-up the site and give it a new look with my wife Maryam’s technical help. I will be blogging regularly on South Carolina and national politics, having the kind of fun I used to have when I was writing a weekly column for Charleston City Paper.

The first thing I want to write about is the new documentary, “Who Is Alvin Greene?”, produced and directed by David Garrett. It is a record of the strange election of 2010, in which an unknown and inscrutable man named Alvin Greene won the S.C. Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, running against GOP incumbent Jim DeMint. It was one of the most bizarre political events I have ever seen and I still don’t know what to  make of it. It was a tragedy for Greene, for the Democratic Party and for the state of South Carolina. So check it out and reach your own conclusions. And look for further posts at willmoredock.com.

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